What’s The Nuremberg Code And What’s It Got To Do With Vaccines?

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The people who tried to use the Magna Carta to circumvent Lockdown restrictions are now attempting to use the “Nuremberg Code” to stop NHS COVID operations

Do we think that these people have ever read the Nuremberg code?

Well I have because I am avoiding work. Let’s take a look

What Is The Nuremberg Code?

Contrary to popular belief, the code didn’t come in the aftermath of the infamous Nuremberg Trials, the basics of it came into being in 1919 because even before World War II, the Germans were into some super-dodgy medical procedures

One of the biggest parts of this new code of ethics was the idea of “informed consent”

That means that in order to enter into any experiment, the participant must know exactly what’s going to happen to them, who is going to be doing it and all possible outcomes

You’ll note that I said “experiment” in the previous tweet rather than “treatment”

That’s because the Nuremberg Code was set up as a code of conduct for research scientists

Not GPs

Not Surgeons

Scientists that were trying out new stuff didn’t know or care what might happen

So, for all those saying that the NHS is ignoring the Nuremberg code?


Point 1 – Informed Consent

You have informed consent

You can chose to take, or not to take the vaccine

You have been told what will happen if you do and don’t

Point 2 – Outcomes Of The Experiment

This point of the Nuremberg Code is about the outcome of your experiment

It states that it must benefit humankind in some way and not be “random or unnecessary in nature”

I would argue that a COVID vaccine was necessary and a benefit to humankind so this point is irrelevant too

Point 3 – Testing Processes

This basically states you need to have tested your experiment on animals first & have “knowledge of the natural history of the disease”

The COVID vaccine was based on an existing SARS vaccine so the Nuremberg Code isn’t broken on this point

Point 4 – Conducting The Experiment

This states that “The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury”

The clinical trials were carefully monitored and held under strict conditions

No Nuremberg Code violation here

Point 5 – You Know You’re Not Going To Hurt Someone

“No experiment should be conducted where there is an a prior reason to believe that death or disabling injury”

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Again, the COVID vaccine is based on a pre-existing and widely tested vaccine

So again, no Nuremberg Code breach

Point 6 – Weigh Up The Risks

“The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance”

I think we can all agree on the importance of stopping the spread of COVID

Nuremberg Code – 6
CovidIots – 0

Point 7 – Facilities & Equipment

This is about having adequate facilitates to run your experiment. I’m sure we can all agree with the amount of money Pharma has the facilities would have been top notch

No breaking of the Nuremberg code here

Point 8 – Who Can Run The Experiments

This states that “The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons.”

Unlike Donald suggesting we inject bleach or people promoting horse de-wormer, I think we can agree the people involved were all scientifically qualified

Nuremberg Code still not broken

Point 9 – You Can Back Out

This point gives the subject of the experiment the right to back out

I’m pretty sure they would have let anyone drop out if they wanted, or remove them from the study if they thought it was going to put them in danger

CovidIots ❌
Nuremberg Code ✅

Point 10 – You Can Stop The Experiments

The final point (yes, there’s only 10!)

“During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment..”

Remember when French Pharma halted a COVID trial? So yeah, this Nuremberg Code point is passed too

Scientist conducting an experiment

French pharma company halts Covid-19 drug trial after ‘inconclusive’ clinical tests The drug was being developed to treat serious cases of the disease.


If you’re wondering why I’m deep diving into an ethical code that was written over 100 years ago it’s because a bunch of morons attempted to “serve” a hospital administration “legal documents” for breaching the Nuremberg Code

As we can see from this article, the COVID vaccine passed all 10 ethical requirement and fulfilled all parts of the Nuremberg Code

Even if we assume that the Covidiots are correct and COVID is part of a government conspiracy [cont…]

… That doesn’t change the fact that the vaccine was produced to ethical standard under the Nuremberg code AND passed randomised, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials.

So why are they bringing up the Nuremberg code?

I’m assuming it’s because it sounds fancy and that people with assume it has something to do with the actual Nuremberg trials, where all manner of horrible and unspeakable acts were uncovered, when in fact it was brought into being over 20 years before that.

If you’re going to “serve” someone please do your research

Editor’s Note: This article was originally compiled as a thread on Twitter on 20th of October 2021. You can view the original series of tweets here

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