Johnson Crisis: Sunak & Javid Quit

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According to breaking news both Sajid Javid – UK Health Minister- and Rishi Sunak – UK Chancellor – have tendered their resignations within minutes of each other.

Per the BBC, Javid and Sunak appear to have resigned over the issues with Chris Pincher who served as Deputy Chief Whip until revelations of new sexual misconduct came to the fore on the 4th July.

Pincher has been accused of “drunkenly groping” two men and had to be put in a taxi home.

This is not the first time Pincher’s been accused of such conduct though.

As far back as 2017 he had to quit the whips office after being accused of making “unwanted passes” (full time line is available at The Guardian.

And apparently back in 2017 Carrie Johnson questioned whether Pincher should have a role in government[1]Yahoo News: Carrie Johnson openly questioned Chris Pincher’s suitability as whip in 2017, Sky News understands – FIVE years before she actually wed the PM.

For two senior cabinet minister to quit over this matter is both shocking and interesting.

If one were hopeful then it’s a sign that the highest echelons of government are finally holding themselves to account.

If one were sceptical then they left because there’s due to be a reshuffle in the 1922 committee who are looking to change the rules so that Boris Johnson can face another vote of no confidence sooner than the current year ruling.

I would hazard a guess that these two ministers are now distancing themselves from the PM knowing that he’s not going to see the next election, despite his claims he’ll hang on to 2030 (and beyond).

Whatever the reason, the sleaze that’s coming out of the Tory party at the moment (Johnson getting a BJ in his office while working, getting his hair dresser pregnant and shipping her off somewhere and tractor porn in parliament plus whatever else comes out) shows that the Conservatives are not the party of honour that they paint themselves to be – in fact, they would currently appear to be the opposite.

No wonder why Javid and Sunak are running for the hills.

(That and the fact the government lied about 40 new hospitals by 2030 that’s now under investigation and Sunak is still raking in millions as the richest chancellor ever but can’t help us “normal folk” – personal opinion there, sorry – but I think it was warranted)

What does this mean for Johnson? Well a massive cabinet reshuffle that he could do without at this point, an probably even more scrutiny on what he says and does going forward.

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