Is Johnson Planning To Drop Ethics Advisor Position?

Boris Johnson
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As we reported yesterday, Lord Geidt became the second Ministerial Standards advisor to resign during Johnson’s time as Prime Minister.

It’s now being reported[1]The Independent: Outrage over Boris Johnson plan to abolish Downing Street ethics monitor that Johnson is considering not replacing Geidt and ditching the role completely.

This is extremely concerning to some as currently the Advisor on Ministerial Interests is the only person who can seriously hold the Prime Minister to account – assuming that he’s asked to investigate of course.

With Johnson already revising the ministerial code so that the majority of infractions are no longer “resignation matters”, concern is growing within the Opposition and even in some corners of the Conservative party that Johnson is cementing himself as an authoritarian leader who is above any rules or standards.

The PM’s official spokesperson has stated that the Prime Minister will be taking time to consider whether he’s going to appoint another advisor, move the role to civil servants who work for the cabinet office.

Apparently Lord Geidt’s resignation came as a complete surprise for Johnson leaving his scrambling for a response in the wake of Geidt’s departure.

The previous advisor, Sir Alex Allan, resigned in November 2020[2]Wikipedia: Alex Allan after Johnson overruled his findings that Priti Patel broke ministerial code by bullying staff, meaning that she did not have to resign as Home Secretary.

It took Johnson until April the following year to appoint a successor so if he does decide to leave the post as it is currently, it looks like it won’t be a quick appointment.

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