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Results Last Updated: 08-Jul-2024 at 17:57

Total Constituencies: 650

Number Needed For A Majority Government: 326

Current Seats Announced: 650 - Seats Left To Call: 0

Current Top Parties:

  1. Labour Party - 370 seats - Majority met
  2. Conservative Party - 121 seats
  3. Liberal Democrats - 72 seats
  4. Labour and Co-operative Party - 41 seats
  5. Scottish National Party (SNP) - 9 seats
  6. Sinn Fein - 7 seats
  7. Independent - 6 seats
  8. Reform UK - 5 seats
  9. Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P. - 5 seats
  10. Green Party - 4 seats

Last 10 announced Constituencies - check the Constituencies page for a full list

South Down
1Chris HazzardSinn Fein19698
2Colin McGrathSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)10418
3Diane ForsytheDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.7349
4Andrew McMurrayAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland3187
5Jim WellsTraditional Unionist Voice - TUV1893
6Michael O\'LoanUlster Unionist Party1411
7Rosemary McGloneAontú797
8Declan WalshGreen Party444
9Hannah WestroppConservative Party46
Newry and Armagh
1Deirdre HughesSinn Fein22299
2Pete ByrneSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)6806
3Gareth WilsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.5900
4Keith RatcliffeTraditional Unionist Voice - TUV4099
5Sam NicholsonUlster Unionist Party3175
6Helena YoungAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland2692
7Liam ReichenbergAontú888
8Samantha RaynerConservative Party83
1Colum EastwoodSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)15647
2Sandra DuffySinn Fein11481
3Gary MiddletonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.3915
4Shaun HarkinPeople Before Profit2444
5Anne McCloskeyIndependent1519
6Janice MontgomeryUlster Unionist Party1422
7Rachael FergusonAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland1268
8John BoyleAontú662
Belfast West
1Paul MaskeySinn Fein21009
2Gerry CarrollPeople Before Profit5048
3Paul DohertySDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)4318
4Frank McCoubreyDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.4304
5Ann McClureTraditional Unionist Voice - TUV2010
6Eoin MillarAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland1077
7Gerard HerdmanAontú904
8Ben SharkeyUlster Unionist Party461
9Ash JonesGreen Party451
10Tony MallonIndependent161
Belfast North
1John FinucaneSinn Fein17674
2Phillip BrettDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.12062
3Nuala McAllisterAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland4274
4David ClarkeTraditional Unionist Voice - TUV2877
5Carl WhyteSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)1413
6Mal O\'HaraGreen Party1206
7Fiona FergusonPeople Before Profit946
Belfast East
1Gavin RobinsonDemocratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.19894
2Naomi LongAlliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland17218
3John RossTraditional Unionist Voice - TUV1918
4Ryan WarrenUlster Unionist Party1818
5Brian SmythGreen Party1077
6Seamass de FaoiteSDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party)619
7Ryan NorthIndependent162
Wythenshawe and Sale East
1Mike KaneLabour Party20596
2Julie FousertReform UK5986
3Sarah BeamentConservative Party5392
4Melanie EarpGreen Party4133
5Simon Edward LeporiLiberal Democrats1985
6John BarstowWorkers Party of Britain714
7Hilary SaltSocial Democratic Party326
Wyre Forest
1Mark GarnierConservative Party14489
2Vicki SmithLabour Party13677
3Bill HopkinsReform UK9682
4Shazu MiahLiberal Democrats2809
5John DavisGreen Party2443
6Leigh WhitehouseIndependent1535
7Nigel Alastair GearyIndependent523
1Emma ReynoldsLabour Party16035
2Steve BakerConservative Party11444
3Richard PhoenixReform UK4769
4Toni BrodelleLiberal Democrats4236
5Khalil AhmedWorkers Party of Britain3344
6Catherine BuntingGreen Party2193
7Ajaz RehmanIndependent1913
8Ed GemmellClimate Party489
9Mark SmallwoodIndependent214
1Andrew Steven RangerLabour Party15836
2Sarah AthertonConservative Party9888
3Charles DodmanReform UK6915
4Becca MartinPlaid Cymru - The Party of Wales4138
5Tim SlyLiberal Democrats1777
6Tim MorganGreen Party1339
7Paul AshtonAbolish The Welsh Assembly Party480

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